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What is DigComp And why does Include Her project focus on it?

What is DigComp And why does Include Her project focus on it?  The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) framework was developed by the European Commission and serves as a guidance to define and improve citizens’ digital competences. The first version of DigComp was published in 2013 and since then, multiple iterations have been

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Include Her team first Face to Face meeting in almost 2 years

Include Her team first Face to Face meeting in almost 2 years! Back in May 2022 the Include Her team finally had the opportunity to meet face to face! Partners travelled from Ireland, the UK, Spain and Greece to Braga Portugal where they were hosted by the lovely team at the University of Minho! The

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Techfugees Digital Spark

A new programme “Techfugees Digital Spark “ to provide access to free digital skills training In September 2021, Techfugees, in partnership with Google for Startups and Coursera, launched an international pilot training program across our chapters network in Uganda, Kenya, Lebanon, United Kingdom to support 100 unemployed refugees with advanced digital skills to enter the

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The need for digital skills for employment!

The European Commission is determined to tackle the digital skills gap and promote projects and strategies to improve the level of digital skills in Europe. All Europeans need digital skills to study, work, communicate, access online public services and find trustworthy information. However, many Europeans do not have adequate digital skills. The Digital Economy and

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MEET THE TEAM  Want to find out a little more about the INCLUDE HER Erasmus+ project, meet the partners who are making all of this possible then just keep reading… The Include Her project aims to develop and mainstream an innovative approach to empower female migrants in higher education to attain higher levels of digital

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Microsoft digital skills initiative

Microsoft reaches 10 million learners through digital skills initiative Microsoft has reached over 10 million learners through its digital skills initiative launched in July 2020. The project, which was developed in collaboration with LinkedIn and GitHub, has helped users access popular learning resources in topics including software development, customer service and data analytics. The initiative

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