Welcome to the Include her Open Education Resources!

These resources will develop the knowledge, skills and capacity for higher education teachers to teach digital skills to migrant women.

We aim to build their capacity in the long term (professional development) and enable them to implement improved teaching in the short term. These resources will, once implemented, improve the gender balance in the digital sphere, and boost the digital competencies of migrant women in higher education.

Specifically, participants will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

In Module 1, our learners will find out how to articulate information needs, how to search for data, information and content in digital environments, and how to access and navigate between them.

To create and update personal search strategies, we will guide learners on how to analyse, and critically evaluate the credibility and reliability of sources of data, information and digital content, and manage that information and digital content.

Importantly, learners will also understand barriers such as overcoming language and cultural barriers that stand in the way of proficiency in information and data literacy.

Module 2 will share learning on how ro interact through a variety of digital technologies.  You will

  • Gain an understanding of the appropriate digital communication channel for a given context;
  • Learn how to share data, information and digital content with others through appropriate digital technologies;
  • Understand acting as an intermediary; to participate in society through the use of public and private digital services; to seek opportunities for self-empowerment and participatory citizenship through appropriate digital technologies

Module 3 will provide learning on how to create and edit digital content in different formats, to express oneself through digital means, to modify, refine, improve and integrate information and content into an existing body of knowledge to create new, original and relevant content and expertise, to understand how copyright and licenses apply to data, digital information and content.

We will also explain how to implement the knowledge from this module into higher education studies.

Module 4 will provide learning on how to protect your personal data and privacy in digital environments, as well as health and wellbeing. These topics are important competencies in higher education environment, especially for female migrant students to tackle any digital gaps on their education path.

It will tackle a range of issues from technical knowledge about protecting one’s safety online, to information on how to use technology so that our physical and mental health is kept safe, and in the process, we protect our environment.

Module 5 will provide learning on identifying technical challenges/problems when operating devices and using digital environments. This will span areas from troubleshooting to solving more complex problems, and selecting and using digital tools and possible technology.

We will explain in the introduction, how to implement the knowledge from this Module into HE studies.